June 2024 | Catch Miami

June 2024 | Catch Miami

Spanning 23,000 square feet, Catch Miami Beach offers a luxurious dining experience with both an indoor area and an open-air rooftop terrace. Designed by the acclaimed Rockwell Group, the venue embraces the rich history of its Miami Beach neighborhood, incorporating elements from the 1920s to reflect the city's opulent past as a playground for the rich and famous. The design is infused with Mediterranean Art Deco influences, featuring antique mirrors, marble, contrasting woods, and dramatic lighting, all contributing to a conservatory-like ambiance.

Menu Highlights:
Catch Miami Beach boasts a diverse and exquisite menu, highlighting several signature dishes that have become fan favorites. These include:
Catch Roll: A signature sushi roll that has garnered a following for its unique flavors and presentation.
Truffle Sashimi: A luxurious dish that combines the delicate texture of sashimi with the rich, earthy notes of truffle.
Mushroom Spaghetti: A hearty and flavorful pasta dish featuring a variety of mushrooms.
Cantonese Lobster: A dish that showcases succulent lobster prepared with traditional Cantonese flavors.
Wagyu Hot Rock: A standout offering where A5 Kobe beef is prepared tableside on a hot rock, allowing diners to experience the cooking process up close.
In addition to these specialties, Catch Miami Beach offers a wide selection of nigiri, sashimi, and cold dishes such as crudos and ceviches. The seafood is exceptionally fresh, with fish delivered directly from Japan’s renowned Toyosu Market.

With its sophisticated design and a menu that celebrates both traditional and innovative culinary techniques, Catch Miami Beach stands out as a premier dining destination in the heart of Miami beach.


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