March 2024 | Unveiling Chateau ZZ’s: Major Food Group's Mexican Marvel in Historic Brickell

March 2024 | Unveiling Chateau ZZ’s: Major Food Group's Mexican Marvel in Historic Brickell

Address: 1500 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33129

Thrilled to share Major Food Group's latest culinary gem with you: Chateau ZZ. Known for their iconic eateries like Carbone and ZZ’s, Major Food Group brings its expertise to Miami's dining scene with this exceptional Mexican restaurant housed within the city's only known chateau.

Nestled in the historic Petit Douy building, a landmark since 1983, Chateau ZZ is a testament to Miami's rich architectural heritage. Originally built in 1931 as the residence of John and Sheelah Murrel, the chateau boasts captivating details such as octagonal towers and trefoil arch windows, beautifully restored to their former glory.

Designed by the renowned Ken Fulk in collaboration with the MFG team, Chateau ZZ offers a captivating dining experience across its ground-level restaurant and exclusive ZZ's Club on the second level. From indoor and outdoor dining areas to a charming solarium, bar, lounge, and gardens, every corner exudes charm and sophistication.

Now, let's talk about the menu. Prepare your taste buds for a journey through Mexican culinary delights, from fresh guacamole to sumptuous raw bar offerings like Michelada oysters and coconut snapper ceviche. Starters tantalize with flavors of albondigas diavolo and garlic shrimp, while larger dishes showcase mouthwatering creations like strip steak al pastor and steamed lobster with jalapeno butter.

Of course, no meal is complete without dessert. Indulge in classics like coconut tres leches and mango cheesecake, or satisfy your cravings with golden churros dipped in chocolate sauce.

Pair your meal with a beverage selection boasting over 1,000 tequilas and mezcals, curated by the talented head of bars, Nathan McCarley-O’Neill. From margaritas to tequila-based cocktails, there's something to complement every dish. And let's not forget the carefully curated wine list, featuring Champagnes, sparkling wines, and a variety of whites and reds to elevate your dining experience.

In essence, Chateau ZZ is a celebration of Mexican cuisine in a setting steeped in history and charm.


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